COVID-19 Update

To the Youth, Music Teachers and Parents:

It is with regret that we inform you that The festival of Musical Arts scheduled for April 6 -9-has been cancelled due to the gravity of the Covid-19 Virus pandemic.  We appreciate all the work that our youth and teachers have done to  prepare for the festival.  We also realize that the music festival is a very important musical event for our young people.  May we encourage you to keep working on your music.  Let us think forward to our 2021 festival.  We especially want to tell the students who plan to graduate this year how sorry we are that you will not have a chance to participate next year.  We thank you for the many festivals you have attended over the years.  The entry fees will be returned.  I will return them to the music teachers and ask that they give them to their students.  If there are any questions, please contact me at 392-6600.  May we continue to pray for all those affected by the virus.  Keep safe!


The Festival of Musical Arts
Elaine White, Secretary -Treasurer

For more information, please contact: Elaine White